New cartoon

Dear art lovers, I will share a new cartoon every week on this day, from the agenda, from there, from here, from those and from my hearth. Enjoy to review:)


My little nephew thinks to draw cartoon with toothbrush. A new art trend is coming 🙂

Is Playing Piano Difficult?

Playing piano; Playing piano means touching boring math pages with emotional fingers. Porte is a math book, notas are numbers. Because music is a sound of mathematic. Playing the piano is a very aesthetic, glorious, peaceful, elegant, elite work but not an art. Because the person who plays the piano is like a handsome technician…

To Play Table Tennis

To Play Table Tennis Playing table tennis is a sport, a pastime, a treat and a brain-burning top on the table meeting. This meeting takes place between two or four people. Participants never sit due to the respect each other and fear of losing. Rivals meeting in table tennis are divided into two groups, winners…

To write book

Is It Difficult to Write Book? Forget writing books! It’s not even worth for writing. The main thing is to sell books, which is more challenging than mine labor, heavy industrial slavery, municipal scavenging and even being an elephant keeper in the zoo. Because the number of authors is more than the number of readers.…