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To Have Portrait Cartoon

To have portrait cartoon, you must first leave everything behind and relax. A little bit by easing your facial muscles and do smile. To have cartoon doesnt mean touching a smart phone with infinite installments or buying a shirt wrinkled with a nerve from a clerk wrung out of life. Smile:) Next to them, to…

Portre Karikatür

Deeeep thinking in forest

Deep thinking;

Deep thinking brings me neverland. l can not live without thinking, l am nothing withüot thinking.l am working for thinks and with them.

Thinking is my job.because l am a dream engineer.

Thinking Photograph in forest.

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Zabit Yıl dönümü

Zabit yıl dönümü;

Zabit yıl dönümü için uzatmalı sevgilisi Linda ile beraberdir.

Londra’nın kaba bıyıklı göçmen kahramanı ve miskin tembeli Zabit, Linda ile yıl dönümünü de beleşe getiriyor.

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