My piano performance

Lonesome Cowboy Playing Piano

Lonesome cowboy playing piano. l created new melody from god sake from there, from here, from blue planet and from my heart. Enjoy to listen, late night record lonely and silence. l love piano before go to sleep! l do engage also other arts but my sweet love is allways piano:) l miss my piano…

Melody of my blue planet

Melody of my new blue planet happened in My new office, art studio like my new blue planet. l feel something new to discover and inspration for new life. Thanks god! l created my new artwork with hopeful insprations in the new planet. Enjoy to listen:)) Melody of my blue planet;

Faster than light

What is the faster than light, maybe soul of the music. l Played again my composition Damarus faster than faster even faster than light so right now l am able to pass over through the walls. Enjoy to listen… Faster than light;

Kovboy piyano

Alone in AVALON

Alone in AVALON; Alone in AVALON like science and fiction film “Passengers” it was great lonliness. Playing piano is an interstaller travel alone. l wish to be alone in AVALON with Arora Lane! I ask myself if l were in Avalon l would make Arora Lane wake up?